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Reinforced Concrete Slabs


Reinforced Concrete Slab


Reinforced concrete slabs are used to provide structural floor support to a foundation. Concrete floor slabs are used in modern buildings, to provide flat floors & ceilings.

The process involves making a concrete base using layers of reinforcement being placed onto the piles & framework of a properties structure. Concrete is then poured onto the slabs & levelled, which provides an even base to build on.

It is also possible for the concrete slabs to be fabricated off-site, rather than poured into the structure using formwork.

Slab Construction Experts

There are a number of different types of reinforced concrete slabs available for your project. The two most common methods are one-way slab & two-way slab. These depend on beam support, reinforcement provided & the ratio of the spans.

Whichever type of reinforced concrete slab you require for your project may depend on individual specifications of the structure of your property, such as the layout of the property, aesthetic features & span length.

Geobond is able to inspect your project & advise on foundation solutions, reinforced concrete slabs & concrete reinforcing mesh. Specific reinforced concrete floor slab methods include:

  • One-way slabs on beams
  • Ribbed Slab (One-way joist slab)
  • Waffle Slab
  • Flat plates
  • Flat slabs
  • Two-way slabs on beams
  • Hollow-core slab


Reinforced Slab Services

For any concrete reinforcement services for your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Geobond has expertise & knowledge in a number of foundation services for a range of project sizes. We are available for an initial consultation to discuss foundations designs, methods & costs.

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