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Mini Piling Services

At Geobond, we can perform mini piling services on various residential and commercial properties. Micro piling is used to create foundations for several project types, mainly smaller ones, residential ones. We can carry out an initial assessment of your property to decide on piling design and methods.

Geobond’s mini piling rigs are capable of drilling several forms of piles in various ground conditions and tight-access areas. Our experienced surveyors will thoroughly survey your site to ensure the appropriate piling solution and techniques are used to form mini piles on your property.


Mini Piled Foundations

Mini Piling is a popular piling method for smaller projects, making it an ideal filing technique for use on residential properties, such as conservatories or extensions. The headroom for mini piling projects tends to be under 2.8 meters in height. A mini piling rig used for mini piling can operate within tight-access areas, again making mini piling a popular method for residential projects.

Mini piling consists of hollow steel shafts that are driven, drilled, or screwed into the ground using various piling equipment, then filled with either concrete or grout to form piles. The diameter and depth of the piles will depend on variables such as ground conditions and the type of rig used. Diameters of the piles typically range from between 100mm to 300mm. Geobonds qualified assessors will survey your property to decide the correct conditions for your individual project.

Should you have a project in mind for a residential property, mini piling can strengthen exiting structures externally and internally, providing secure structures for:

  • New houses or extensions
  • Retaining walls
  • Basements
  • Foundations for new roads and infrastructure projects


Why choose mini piling

Mini piling isn’t as disruptive as other piling methods. It creates low levels of noise pollution and vibration, making it useful for existing buildings, residential areas, and locations with environmental sensitivity.

There are different types of mini piling techniques, suitable for different projects. Some techniques include:

  • Open hole auger
  • Contiguous piled wall
  • King post piles wall
  • In-situ ground beams

If you would like to discuss mini piling for your project, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Geobond, we are happy to provide an initial survey and consultation to discuss the best possible piling solution for you.

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