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We offer mini piling services for commercial and domestic projects, including extensions, new builds, and basements.

Expert Mini Piling Contractors In London

As unrivalled pioneers in piling and foundation expertise throughout the UK, we have developed a great reputation for delivering unbeaten mini piling services to homes and domestic properties across London. Our extensive 35-year experience in the construction piling industry and our unwavering commitment to using cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology ensures customer satisfaction.

Geobond offers mini piling solutions for London and its surrounding regions. We have made significant investments in state-of-the-art mini piling rigs, perfectly suited for a wide range of properties, sites, and ground conditions.

Do you have a site or home with limited access? Not a problem as we offer mini piling solutions with our smallest piling rig being well suited for regular doorways and tight spaces. 

Regardless of your piling project size, our team provide their expertise!

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Reliable Mini Piling Services UK

At Geobond, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional and tailor-made piling services to all our valued customers across London and the South East. As industry-leading mini piling contractors, we go above and beyond by dedicating considerable time and resources to provide solutions to sites with limited access and space.

Our mini piling rigs enable us to tackle even the most demanding construction projects situated within confined and restricted spaces. Our mini piling services are specifically designed to excel in the following areas:

  • Extensions for both commercial and domestic properties, seamlessly enhancing their structural capabilities.
  • New builds and brownfield developments, ensuring a strong and stable foundation from the ground up.
  • Basement constructions, offering the expertise needed to create secure and reliable underground spaces.
  • Providing additional support to existing structures, reinforcing their integrity and longevity.

Constructing retaining walls and executing king post installations with precision and efficiency.


Why Choose Our London Mini Piling Services 

Mini piling is specifically crafted to thrive in urban and domestic settings, where every inch counts and narrow doorways pose a challenge for conventional piling methods.

Mini piling has unparalleled advantages in building sites with close proximity to neighbouring structures or for internal use within existing buildings. Its ability to minimise noise, vibrations, and disruptions makes it an ideal choice. The advantages of mini piling are:

  • Perfectly suited for areas where noise pollution is a concern, ensuring a harmonious environment.
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing buildings or sites adjacent to other structures, fostering seamless construction progress.
  • Delivers minimal vibrations and disruptions, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and reduced impact on surroundings.
  • Overcomes height restrictions posed by low ceilings, enabling efficient and optimised construction plans.
  • Offers an economical and time-saving alternative to conventional deep trench foundations, optimising resources and accelerating project timelines.

Geobond prioritise safety and customer satisfaction. Our meticulous approach includes comprehensive risk assessments and insurance-backed guarantees, providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire process.


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We can survey your site & advise on the most appropriate type of piling & foundations for your project. Please call us now on 01252 531311 or email us at engineers@geobond.co.uk for further information.


Bespoke Mini Piling In London & The South East

We offer first-class mini piling services in London and the surrounding areas including:

Aylesbury Guildford Harrow High Wycombe Maidenhead

Oxford Reading WatfordSouth London & East LondonNorth London & West London


What is the difference between mini piling and piling?

Mini piling and piling are both foundation construction methods used in building projects. The main difference lies in their scale and purpose. Mini piling is a technique typically employed in areas with limited access or restricted space, where smaller machinery is used to install piles. It is suitable for lightweight structures or when only a small number of piles are required. On the other hand, piling refers to the installation of larger piles using heavy machinery and is used for larger and more complex structures that require a higher load-bearing capacity.

How much does mini piling cost?

The cost of mini piling can vary depending on various factors, including the project’s scope, soil conditions, location, and specific requirements. Typically, mini piling costs are calculated based on factors such as the number of piles needed, the depth of piling required, and the accessibility of the site. 

Here at Geobond, we offer competitive and transparent prices and comprehensive cost estimates for all mini piling projects. Please get in touch with our team today!

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