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Frequently Asked Questions


On this page you can find details of questions that we are frequently asked about the service that we provide.

If you have another question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for any further information

What information do you need to give me a quote?

A ground floor plan, details of the building height & your post code so we can determine soil conditions.

How Much Will it Cost?

Your Project will require detailed costing, but piling is nearly always cheaper if you are building near trees, or if you have been told that foundations deeper than 1.75m are required.

Is a Site Visit Necessary?

We will visit before starting work on your project, but at quotation stage we can usually use internet resources to provide a fixed price quote.

How long will it take?

We can usually start work within 2 weeks.

Duration of works will vary from 1 week for an extension to 3-4 weeks for a new house.

What do you need my builder to do before you start?

To remove any existing building & paving & if possible provide setting out.

If you do not have a builder we can offer a complete package for preparation ground-works.

What will my builder have to do once you finish?

We will remove all our spoil & waste, leaving your builder with a clean & tidy foundation or structural floor slab ready for them to start laying bricks.

What happens if you find unexpected ground conditions?

We have been piling since the mid 1980’s & can nearly always draw on local experience to decide the type of pile to be utilized at quotation stage.

We have more than £2,000,000 worth of piling plant so we can deal with any type of ground condition.

Do you deal with building control?

We will prepare pile calculations for all projects & if required forward these direct to building control.

We can also prepare reinforced concrete design for ground beams & structural floor slab if this is required.

We will liaise with building control & ensure they are notified at necessary stages to inspect our works.

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