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Sheet Piling & Piling Contractors in Oxford


We, at Geobond have a team of piling contractors with high level and experience working within the piling industry, with the ability to provide a range of piling services including sheet piling, piled foundations and mini piling to the Oxford and surrounding area.

In our many years experience, since founding in 1994 we have specialised in providing piling services to sites, which have limited or awkward access issues – including narrow entrances. We have a large range of rigs available to us and our smallest rigs are able to fit though a regular sized door. We also have a range of rigs, which are able to cope with poor soil conditions and our many years of experience working in Oxford and the area which surrounds it should mean we find the right machine to the job the first time – whether you require sheet piling or something else.

We have two offices which are located close by to Oxford, in Hertfordshire and Surrey, which means our piling contractors are able to serve the area quickly if required. In our years of experience doing this we have a high efficiency rate to make sure that we can stick to your schedule so your building project comes in on time.

In addition to the widespread piling services, which are on offer, we can also provide our customers with a full design package if so required. We have specialised experience working on domestic piling projects but have also experience working on small projects in the commercial sector.

We offer piling services to sites in Oxford which require


  • Help with piling due to limited access
  • Full design package
  • Mini Piling
  • Sheet Piling
  • Piled Foundations

The World famous and prestigious University of Oxford is homed within the city.



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