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Ground Beams


Concrete Ground Beams


Concrete ground beams are designed to provide support to brickwork & blockwork. Our concrete ground beams are an alternative to traditional foundations, requiring less labour & construction. We provide a ring beam foundation to form a permanent shutter to the edge of an in-place concrete floor slab.

Ground Beams are usually constructed from concrete & are generally quick to install compared to methods such as conventional footings. They are generally square or rectangular in section; however, notches, sloping faces & end details can be incorporated into the construction if required.


Ground beam design & manufacture

At Geobond, we are able to produce & supply bespoke concrete ring beam, for your individual project. We are experienced & dedicated to meeting client requirements.

Trenches are excavated to the required individual width & depth. Reinforcement is inserted & tied to the pile reinforcement. The beam is then concreted creating a foundation for blockwork. Lifting anchors are used to transport & manoeuvre beams into the required position. The beams are then lifted into their final position. The ground beams are connected once they have been manoeuvred onto the pad foundations.


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