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Piled Retaining Walls


Piled walls allow for basement construction many levels below the ground. Piled retaining walls are commonly used residentially and commercially. They are ideal used temporarily and permanently, due to their high stiffness retaining elements, whilst causing minimal disturbance to any surrounding, existing structures.


Advantages of Piled Retaining Walls

There are many advantages when opting for Piled Retaining Walls for engineering a structure underneath ground level:

  • There are a number of Piled Wall techniques available, meaning it is a suitable technique for the majority of properties.
  • Structures can reach as low as four stories due to a high-tolerance of verticality.
  • The piles can be constructed with a large diameter to increase capacity and reduce the impacts the structure has beyond the site boundary.


Piled Retaining Wall Techniques

There are a number of different piling retaining walls which can be used on a property. Whichever is most ideal for you will depend on your existing property, the type of structure you plan to engineer and the ground conditions of your property.

The main three piling methods we offer are Contiguous Pile Walls, Secant Pile Walls and King Post Walls. Geobond is able to utilise both CFA and large Diameter Piling techniques, depending on your individual requirements.


Contiguous Pile Wall

Contiguous Piled Walls are commonly used if a property doesn’t have an issue with groundwater ingress. CFA or rotary bored techniques are used to install the contiguous pile walls.

Contiguous wall piling is less expensive than other pile wall methods and is also quicker to install.


Secant Pile Wall

Secant Piling tends to be more expensive and timely to install than Contiguous. Interlocking piles lock to create an impermeable piled wall which prevents groundwater from reaching the rest of the structure.


King Post Pile Walls

King Post Piled Walls can also be a less expensive option than other piled wall techniques. This technique is often used when an above-ground installation is required to provide earth retention.


Free Onsite Inspection

Should you have any queries about which Piling Wall technique is most appropriate for your property, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Geobond offer free, thorough onsite inspections for properties. We can review for project and help you decide which Piling technique is best for you.

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