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Piled Retaining Wall Services


Geobond are proud providers of piled retaining wall services in London. Not only do we provide the most cost-effective retaining wall solutions but also the most effective.

Piled Wall Services In London

We are experts in piling and have provided numerous London-based piling services to many urban and residential landscapes. We are trusted throughout London and have earned ourselves a reputation with homeowners, property developers and local authorities. 

With over 35 years of experience within the foundation and piling industry, we have honed our pile retaining wall technique to ensure an excellent experience for both our commercial and residential customers. If you’re looking to start basement construction many levels below the ground then our retaining pile walls are a perfect temporary or permanent solution!

Whether you’re looking for contiguous pile walls or king post pile walls for a less expensive option, Geobond are able to cater to your exact needs!


Our Pile Retaining Wall Techniques

There are a number of different piling retaining wall techniques. The most ideal for you will depend on the existing property, the type of structure you plan to build and the ground conditions of the property.

We are able to utilise both CFA and large-diameter piling techniques.


Contiguous Pile Wall Services

A method suitable for basements, underground structures and motorway cuttings, Contiguous piled retainer walls are constructed using either cutting-edge Rotary methods or CFA piling techniques. 

Each pile is installed at close centres with small gaps between each pile and is a form of temporary or permanent support for construction projects.

Contiguous pile walls boast impressive install times and are commonly used if a property has no issues with groundwater ingress and are seen as less expensive than other pile wall methods.  


Secant Pile Wall

Secant pile walls are widely regarded as the best choice for achieving rapid and efficient short-term water retention. These walls are constructed using either the CFA or Rotary piling methods, where closely spaced female piles are installed using a soft concrete mix. Following a suitable curing period, male piles are then introduced to complete the process.

While it is true that Secant wall piling typically involves higher costs and longer construction times compared to contiguous pile walls, its effectiveness lies in the seamless interlocking of piles. This interlocking mechanism creates a robust piled wall, effectively shielding the construction site from groundwater intrusion.


King Post Retaining Wall Services

King Post Retaining Walls is a suitable choice for applications where minor settlements and ground movements are not of utmost concern. These walls are constructed by creating bored piles, which incorporate extended long steel H-sections. To enhance their stability, specific inserts like timber sleepers are utilized, allowing the H-sections to be filled and horizontally slotted during the excavation process.

Our King Post retaining wall services offer a cost-effective solution compared to other methods of piled walls. They are particularly well-suited for above-ground installations that require effective earth retention capabilities.


Free Onsite Inspections For Piled Retaining Walls In London

If you have any questions about which piling wall technique is better suited for your property or how we carry out piled retaining wall services, please feel free to contact us on 01252 531311 or email engineers@geobond.co.uk. Our team is available to assess your project and assist you in determining the technique that will achieve the best results for you! 



Who is responsible for maintaining a retaining wall?

The responsibility for maintaining a retaining wall typically falls on the property owner. As the owner of the retaining wall, it is crucial to regularly inspect and address any signs of damage or deterioration. 

Conducting routine maintenance, such as monitoring for soil erosion, checking for cracks, and ensuring proper drainage, will help ensure the long-term stability and effectiveness of the retaining wall.

Is a piled retaining wall considered a permanent structure?

Yes, a piled retaining wall is considered a permanent structure. Piled retaining walls are designed and constructed to provide long-term stability and support against soil pressure and slope instability. The use of durable materials, such as steel or concrete piles, ensures the longevity of the structure. 

However, periodic inspections and maintenance are still necessary to identify and address any potential issues that may arise over time, ensuring the ongoing effectiveness and safety of the piled retaining wall.

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