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Silent Piling

Silent Piling

At Geobond we are masters at silent & vibrationless sheet piling installation methods. We understand the negative impact noise pollution can have and always keep the safety of others in mind, especially on a construction site. That is why we have implemented measures to ensure the health of our team & the public. Employing silent piling techniques is incredibly useful, especially in areas that are particularly sensitive to sound. Such as residential premises, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and schools. 

Electric Piling London

We have access to modern silent piling technology and electrically powered piling rigs. As well as being environmentally-friendly electric piling rigs significantly reduce noise pollution which is typically associated with traditional piling machines. In residential & densely populated areas, the noise & vibrations released from piling can cause dramatic disturbances, noise pollution, and adverse effects on individuals within proximity. At Geobond our expert knowledge & wide range of services mean we can achieve your desired specifications. We are able to provide silent piling services throughout London & to customers in the surrounding areas.

Vibration-free Piling

Silent Piling can also be referred to by a couple of other names such as press-in piling or vibration-free piling. Simply put, silent pilling involves the installation of piles in areas of confined space. Typically, areas where silent piling would be most useful are surroundings that are environmentally sensitive or where noise & vibrations would be an issue.

Our piling rigs operate using hydraulics instead of vibrations. This vibration-free pile installation pushes the pile without disturbing the ground. These rigs have clamps that latch onto the top of previously installed interlocking sheet piles, which have been lodged several metres undergrounds.

Advantages of Silent Piling

Silent piling comes with many benefits for residential & commercial properties, which include;

  • Noise & vibration-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for sites with restricted access
  • Can be used over water
  • Suitable for various ground conditions
  • Can easily operate next to existing structures

Modern Silent Piling Rigs

Geobond offers services for silent piling on a variety of ground conditions. Silent piling is most suitable for use on soft ground like soil or natural ground. We operate modern & multifaceted machinery for use on hard grounds as well.

We utilise the latest piling technology and equipment. Specifically, we make use of Giken silent piling rigs. Giken provides top of the range, cutting edge silent & vibration free rigs perfect for reducing noise pollution. Not only are they vibrationless but they are also suitable for different ground conditions and can be manoeuvred over water.

Whether it is a new or existing structure, silent pilings are a popular method of piling for residential & commercial projects. These include;

  • Residential basement structure
  • Extensions & conservatories
  • Limited access to rail environments
  • New built commercial sites

Geobond can provide silent & vibration free piling services across London & the surrounding areas. If you require any of our piling services or would like to enquire about an initial survey, then please get in touch on 01252 531311 or email engineers@geobond.co.uk

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