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Silent piling – a low-noise, vibration-free piling solution for urban and residential areas.

Silent Piling Services In London

Here at Geobond, we are experts in providing silent sheet piling services throughout London and surrounding areas. Do you live in an urban or residential area? Then our London-based piling services might be perfect for you. As leading silent piling specialists in the UK, we have developed a strong brand image and trust with homeowners and developers, so they can rely on us to provide expert piling solutions with zero hassle. 

We understand the negative impact that noise pollution can have on certain sites such as towns and city developments. That’s why, with over 35 years of experience within the foundation and piling industry, we have optimised our silent sheet piling methods to reduce noise pollution and ensure the health and safety of our team members and the public. 

Whether you need silent piling in urban areas or need mini piling on sites with restricted movement space, Geobond are the London-based piling contractors that you need!

Our Silent Sheet Piling Services UK

Employing silent piling techniques is beneficial in areas that are particularly sensitive to sound – such as residential premises, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Here at Geobond, we offer various types of silent piling solutions to help develop the foundations of your building projects.

Electric Piling

Using the latest technology in silent piling, our electric piling rigs are environmentally friendly and significantly reduce noise pollution that is typically associated with traditional piling machines. Our years of knowledge, paired with our state-of-the-art electric piling rigs mean we are able to provide a noise-free piling service that meets your desired specifications with minimal disturbance to the local area.

Vibration-free piling 

Vibration-free silent piling is perfectly suited for the installation of piles in areas with confined spaces that are environmentally sensitive to noise and vibrations. Using state-of-the-art silent piling rigs, hydraulic systems are used instead of vibrations to create piles without disturbing the ground or the local area.

Why Choose Our Silent Sheet Piling Services In London 

Bespoke silent piling solutions have numerous benefits for residential and commercial properties these include: 

  • Low noise & vibrations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for sites with restricted access
  • Can be used over water
  • Suitable for various ground conditions 
  • Can easily operate next to existing structures


Our State Of The Art Silent Piling Rigs 

Geobond is proud to deploy the latest in piling technology and equipment. We utilise silent piling rigs which are silent and vibration free. These piling machines are suitable for use on soft ground like soil or natural ground and can be easily manoeuvred over water

Whether it is a new or existing structures, piling solutions that are silent are a popular method  for residential and commercial projects, including:

  • Residential basement structure
  • Extensions & conservatories
  • Limited access to rail environments
  • New built commercial sites


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Geobond can provide silent & vibration-free piling services across London & the surrounding areas. If you require any of our piling services or would like to enquire about an initial survey, then please get in touch on 01252 531311 or email engineers@geobond.co.uk

Professional Silent Piling In London & The South East

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