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Silent Piling

Silent Piling Services in London

The Silent Piling method is popular in residential areas, due to the process being reasonably quiet compared to other piling methods. Usually is residential or populated areas, the noise and vibration from piling can cause disturbances and noise pollution. Geobond is able to provide silent piling services for several residential or commercial sites in London.


Vibration-free Piling

Also known as press-in piling or vibration-free piling, silent piling involves the installation of steel sheet piles in areas with confined spaces, environmentally sensitive or places where noise and vibration would be an issue.

The method is vibration-free. The piling rig utilises hydraulic rams rather than vibrations, which push the piles into the ground, disturbance-free. These clamps lock onto the tops of previously installed interlocking steel sheet piles, which are penetrated several metres underground.


Advantages of Silent Piling

Silent Piling comes with many benefits for residential and commercial properties. These include:

  • Noise & vibration-free
  • Suitable for sites with restricted access
  • Can be used over water
  • Suitable for several ground conditions
  • Silent piling can operate next to existing structures.


Modern Silent Piling Rigs

Geobond can provide silent piling services on several ground conditions. It is most suitable when used on soil or natural ground, however Geobond operates modern, versatile machinery so silent piling can be carried out on other conditions.

Silent Piling is a popular method of sheet piling for residential and commercial projects, whether it is a new or existing structure. These include:

  • Residential basement structure
  • Limited access rail environments
  • Construction sites

Geobond can provide silent and vibration-free piling services across London and the surrounding areas. Should you require any of our piling services, or simply like to enquire about an initial survey, then please get in touch, on 01252 531 311 or engineers@geobond.co.uk.

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