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Bored Piles

Bored Piling Solutions 

Geobond is proud to offer bored piling services utilising state-of-the-art construction elements for use in foundation and civil engineering projects. 


Bored Piling Services In London 

Geobond, excels in delivering exceptional bored piling services throughout London and its surrounding areas. Are you a resident of bustling urban or residential landscapes? Look no further than our London-based piling services, designed to meet your needs. As bored piling experts in the UK, we have forged an impeccable reputation, earning the trust and loyalty of homeowners, developers and local authorities.

We have over 35 years of experience in the foundation and piling industry. We offer open-bore piling services throughout London and the South East. Our bore pile rigs can handle projects of any scale, both big and small.

Whether you need silent piles in eco-sensitive environments or require bored piles in bustling residential areas, Geobond stands out as the UK’s prime choice for piling services. We cater to all your piling needs with precision and quality.


Why Choose Our Rotary Bored Piling Services 

We can provide a reliable piling service and effective solutions when dealing with clay and silt.

Our advanced rotary bored piles can also create contiguous bored pile walls and secant pile walls, for bearing heavy structures and creating sturdy foundations.

Some more benefits of open bore piling services include: 

  • Suitable for various ground conditions 
  • Various sizes of piles available – both in length and width
  • Minimum disturbance, noise and vibrations 


Call Our Open Bore Piling Contractors In London Today! 

Geobond can provide bore piling services across London & the surrounding areas. If you require any of our piling services or would like to enquire about an initial survey, then please get in touch on 01252 531311 or email engineers@geobond.co.uk

Expert Bore Piles In London & The South East

As piling contractors, we provide bored piling services throughout London and the surrounding area, including:

 Aylesbury Guildford Harrow High Wycombe Maidenhead

Oxford Reading WatfordSouth London & East LondonNorth London & West London



When are bored piles used?

Bored piles are used when sturdy foundations are needed for various structures. They are commonly employed in construction projects involving high-rise buildings, bridges, and infrastructure developments.

What is bored piling?

Bored piling is a foundation technique that involves drilling cylindrical holes into the ground and filling them with reinforced concrete. This method provides strong structural support and is often used to create stable foundations for buildings and other structures.

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