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Bored Piles in London


Open bore piling is used on larger & smaller scale projects. A rotating auger is drilled into the ground & withdrawn, whilst extracting the soil. The process can be repeated until the desired depth is reached. A steel cage is then placed into the bored hole, which is then filled with concrete.

Our expertise & wide variety of piling rigs means we are able to provide machinery for a variety of pile sizes, to suit your individual project.


Rotary Piling

Open bored piles are ideal for use on ground surfaces where there is no water underneath, such as clay & silt.

Rotary piling is capable of boring through deep layers of rock. High torque piling rigs can penetrate the toughest underground obstructions. The diameter of piles can range from 600mm to 3000m. Bored piling can be used to create pile walls, such as a contiguous bored pile wall or secant pile wall.

Bored piling can support heavy structures through load bearing techniques, which take place in the friction between the soil & surface of the pile shaft.

Open bore piling is relatively vibration & noise free compared to other piling methods. This makes the process ideal for use in residential, populated or environmentally sensitive areas.


Popular used of bored piles include:
  • Underground structures
  • Retaining walls which require reinforcement
  • Constructions in populated areas
  • Multi-floor buildings


Advantages of open bore piling include:
  • Suitable for various ground conditions
  • Range of size of piles available – both length & width
  • Minimum disturbance, noise & vibration


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