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We are a local piling company ready to provide our ground solutions for domestic extensions, new builds and basements across the South East.

Professional Piling Contractors In London

Are you looking for professional piling contractors in London for extensions, small developments and basement piling? Then look no further than Geobond. As leading piling and foundation specialists in the UK, we have built up a strong reputation for providing expert piling services to homes and domestic properties throughout the London area. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the best results possible for our customers, this is shown through our 35 years of experience within the construction piling industry and our use of specialist techniques and technology to guarantee all our customers are 100% satisfied with our piling services. 

To make sure Geobond are able to provide the very best piling services to London and surrounding areas; we have invested in state-of-the-art piling rigs that are well-suited to a variety of different properties, sites and ground conditions. 

Does your site or home have limited access? Then we also offer mini piling solutions with our smallest piling rig being able to fit through regular doorways and tight spaces. Or perhaps you want a more environmentally-friendly option? Then our silent piling rigs help reduce noise pollution associated with piling in urban areas. 

Whatever your piling needs, Geobond and our team of London-based piling specialists are here to help!


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Our London Piling Services

No matter the size of the project, we are highly skilled and proficient in providing a wide range of foundation and piling solutions across London and surrounding areas, this includes:

A popular piling service for smaller projects and residential properties.

An environmentally friendly piling solution that effectively reduces noise pollution; perfect for urban areas. 

Perfect for larger and smaller scale projects where a rotating auger is drilled into the ground and withdrawn. 

With each of our bespoke piling services, we carry all the correct risk insurance and can offer our customers insurance-backed guarantees.

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We can survey your site & advise on the most appropriate type of piling & foundations for your project. Please call us now on 01252 531311 or email us at engineers@geobond.co.uk for further information.


Expert Pilling Solutions In London & The South East:

We offer first-class piling services in London and the surrounding areas including:

 Aylesbury Guildford Harrow High Wycombe Maidenhead

Oxford Reading WatfordSouth London & East LondonNorth London & West London



What is piling?

Piling refers to the process of driving or drilling deep into the ground to create a stable foundation for structures such as buildings, bridges, or offshore platforms. It involves inserting long cylindrical columns, known as piles, into the ground to support and distribute the weight of the structure evenly. Piling is commonly used in areas with unstable soil conditions or when the structure needs to withstand heavy loads or challenging environmental factors.

How much does piling cost?

The cost of piling can vary depending on several factors, including the type of piling method used, the size and depth of the project, the soil conditions, and the location. Generally, piling costs are calculated per pile or per metre. Here at Geobond, we offer competitive and transparent prices and comprehensive cost estimates for all piling projects.

Factors such as the accessibility of the site, the type of piles needed (concrete, steel, timber, etc.), and any additional services required (such as soil testing or site preparation) can influence the overall cost of piling. Please get in touch with us today!

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