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Piling Contractors & Sheet Piling in South London & East London


After setting Geobond up over 15 years ago, and with 30 years experience managing projects, we are able to provide East London and South London with an extremely high level of quality and efficiency in piling. In addition to the many services, such as sheet piling or mini piling, our piling contractors are able to provide, we can additionally offer our customers a complete design and build service. On top of that we are able to offer our clients risk insurance as standard and additionally customers can take out insurance guarantees.

Whether you have access issues to your site, poor soil conditions or a small amount of space to work in, our range of modern rigs available to us, which means we are able to choose the right rig for your project. Whilst the majority of the work we carry out is on domestic or home piling projects, we are also experienced in the commercial sector providing piling solutions for smaller building projects.

Our experienced team at Geobond, our contractors are all experienced in providing the top quality work on every job, some of our contractors whom have been employed by us since we established ourselves and are therefore very knowledgeable and able to provide solutions to complex situations and projects.

Having two offices in Surrey and Hertfordshire means we are able to serve the areas surrounding it, including East London and South London, efficiently. Our members of staff, including office staff and our piling contractors are able all very knowledgeable about the industry and the work that we do.


Services that our piling contractors can provide include


    • Sheet Piling Services
    • Services in Mini Piling
    • Piled Foundations
    • Piling and Piled Underpinning
    • Restricted Access Specialists
    • Preliminary Inspection on Site and Design


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