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Piling Contractors & Sheet Piling in Guildford

Having experience from our team since the 1980s our team at Geobond are highly skilled in offering solutions to customers in Guildford and their surrounding areas. In this time we have built up experience in providing piling services to sites that may have access issues, as our smallest piling machines are able to fit through standard sized doorways.

Additionally we have built our knowledge of soils in these Guildford areas, meaning whilst at the quotations stage we will know the type of rig your project should require, therefore we should not find any unexpected soil conditions and therefore provide a service that keeps to your schedule.

We have two offices nearby to Guildford and can therefore can get to your site quickly if necessary.

Some of our piling contractors have been with us since our founding in 1994 and all members are highly skilled in providing solutions for general piling services, sheet piling and pile foundations. Each member of our team pride themselves on offering a top quality piling service, punctuality, efficiency and leaving the site clean and tidy.

On top of our extensive piling services (including sheet piling) we can also provide our customers with a full design service, relieving the need to also hire a structural engineer.

Find here the piling solutions our Piling contractors can provide:


    • Piling rigs for sites with restricted access
    • Piling rigs for sites with varied types of soil conditions
    • Mini Piling Service
    • Piled Underpinning and Piled Foundations
    • Full Design Package
    • Sheet Piling Service


  • Guildford was the home to the much loved author Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.



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