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Sheet Piling FAQ’s

Posted on by Geobond

Sheet piling can be an excellent choice for many types of construction projects. Here are the most commonly asked questions about this useful structure:

What is Sheet Piling?

In most basic terms, sheet piling involves using sheets of material that are placed closely together with the purpose of holding back water or dirt. These sheets are often made from steel and they are shaped in such a way that they can form a continuous wall. The separate sheets will interlock easily because they will usually have a special edge known as a flange tip.

What are the Advantages of Using Sheet Piling?

There are a number of good reasons for why you might want to use sheet piling such as:

• It is an excellent choice when it comes to holding back water – for example, it can be used to create a dam.
• Sheet piling is an economical solution for any situation where you need to hold back water or dirt.
• It can be used to create a permanent structure.
• It is relatively easy to transport sheet piling because of its shape.
• It means that you can displace soil rather than having to remove it – this should save you time and money.
• It can create a very durable wall that also benefits from being very stable.
• Sheet piling is an excellent option for creating a cofferdam.

How Long Will Sheet Piling Last?

There are examples of sheet piling structures that are still intact after almost a century of usage. This means that they can last a very long time. Of course, a great deal can depend on how well the sheet piling is maintained and where it is located.

Are There Different Types of Sheet Piling?

The two most common types of sheet piling would be Z-profiles and U-profiles. The main difference between these two is that they use different interlocking systems.

Is Sheet Piling Environmentally Friendly?

Sheet piling does deserve to be credited as a very green type of construction solution. It is usually created using recycled steel. Another reason for why these sheets might be considered a green option is that no spoils are created when they are installed.

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