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Offices Could be Converted into Homes Without Planning Permission

Posted on by Geobond

A new rule could come into force that could mean that owners of office buildings would be able to turn them into houses without planning permission. Currently, formal planning permission is needed to convert office spaces into housing however the Government are planning to change this.

The changes to permitted development rights are due to come into force this Spring with many projects no longer needing to apply for planning permission from the local council. It’s hoped that the new changes will help increase the amount of housing available and reduce the number of unused buildings.

The new plans are also very much targeted towards creating more jobs and increasing workloads for the construction industry as well as assisting with the regeneration of town centres.

Under the current laws, getting the relevant planning permission to convert office building into homes could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees so it’s easy to see how popular this new change could be.

However not everyone is happy about the changes, the City of London strongly rejects the changes with concerns that many of London’s landmark buildings could be turned into flats. But if these changes go ahead the UK could well see a boost in the construction industry as well as an increase in much needed housing.

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