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Your Guide to Pile Foundations

Posted on by Geobond

Making sure that everything is perfect before you start a new build is important, and whether you are thinking about building your own property or extension, or are starting a new project for a client, it is vital that you lay the right foundations. This is why we have put together a guide on pile foundations; when they should be used, what their benefits are, and the installation process. 

Pile foundations were first used for large constructions but since smaller piles have been developed, we are now able to use this foundation for domestic buildings. Pile foundations are usually determined by the condition of the soil, the type of load, the conditions of the site and the equipment available to use. Piles can be made from steel or most commonly, concrete. Concrete piles have been used since the 20th century, and steel piles since the 19th century, but have only been used for residential properties within that last 30 years.

Pile foundations are an example of deep foundations and are needed when the soil of a site is not sufficient enough to hold the construction of the building. Pile foundations allow the weight to be transferred to deeper layers which are able to support the load. They are also used when:

The deeper the insertion of the steel or concrete piles, the sturdier the building will be. This is why it is important to test the soil you are building on to determine how deep you will need to drive the the piles into the ground. During this process the site will be excavated which involves removing the top layer of soil and debris from the surface. The piles can be driven or drilled into the ground, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

– Drilling tools can break up obstructions further in the ground
– Can be installed to very deep measurements
– Cannot be extended above ground level
– Installation process is not loud and does not cause vibrations
– No ground heave is formed during the process

– The operation is not affected by ground water
– Projection above ground level
– The installation process can cause vibrations

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